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Doojoon back again with G.NA on Inki! August 4, 2010

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cr; KyuleeKPOP119

This guy just doesn’t stop. He’s everywhere! Is that a new hairstyle we’re seeing? It looks very similar to Kwang’s, doesn’t it? For those who don’t want to watch the lovely G.NA, Doojoon’s rap part starts at 0:55. He even changed up the rap! My word, he is looking smoking fine in all black. That hairstyle looks a lot similar to his Bad Girl hair too, even though it’s brown. He still looks hot. I don’t even know. I’m left completely speechless by him. Of course, my bias towards him kicks in and I can’t even finish watching he performance. He is on fiyaaaah. Words cannot express how beautiful this man is, Idek.

His new rap translation:
My whole body is trembling
Pretend like nothing’s happening
As if you barely hid
the tears secretly
I will throw you away, I will disappear,
I will leave you, I can’t but only say
I can’t say it, what do I do
I keep drifting away

cr; Royal G International Forum

Yoon Doojoon, you have once again succeeded in taking my breath away.

HD cut of our sexy leader will be up later tonight! Check back on our twitter @b2stim for updates :)


DooJoon With G.NA on Music Core July 31, 2010

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Beast Adds More BBQ Chicken Photos July 30, 2010

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Beast has recently released more pictures to endorse the BBQ chicken they’ve endorsed before.  Just like last time, they did the photo shoot with Shin Se Kyung, who is now a nineteen year old actress. Haha, I love Yoseob in the picture below… Do YOU want to know how to make a BBQ chicken commercial?  Videos of the making of B2ST’s and Shin Se Kyung’s BBQ chicken commercial under the cut :D. (The videos are of the earlier commercials, not the current one)


Doojoon features in G.NA’s performance July 26, 2010

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Instead of our sex-bomb Junhyung, Doojoon takes a turn in featuring in G.NA‘s debut track I’ll Back Off So You Can Live.

And let me just say that his part in the song is the best sixteen seconds of my entire life.

cr; garfield2194

HE IS SO HOT I CANNOT COMPREHEND HOW HOT HE IS. He went from dorky leader to omfgpurehotness. I love the way he’s like “YO SORRY MY SWEETY” and basically KILLS Junhyung’s rap. Seriously. HE RAPED IT HARD. I miss his rapping. For all of you 2PM fans, do you guys remember Hot Blood? Wasn’t our lovely Yoon Leader one of the best rappers in the rapping lesson? His little movements during his rap is so cute, I can’t help but just replaying his part even though G.NA’s stage was epic good too. But my biased fangirl self gets in the way and keeps repeating his little sixteen seconds. This is only the cut of the full performance, but it’s sure a good little cut.

A downloadable version of his part in HD will be up later tonight, so check back on our Twitter @b2stism for when I post it on our downloads page. :D

072410 Yoseob’s Yozm Update July 23, 2010

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Click for a larger picture.

OMG LOL MAJOR SELCA FAIL. Only Yoseob can manage to mess up a selca that badly. He’s blurring up his and Junhyung’s face! Nuuu~ we wanna see your beautiful faces! Looking at Yoseob’s Yozm makes me laugh a bit – the boy is a Yozm addict.


G.NA’s Behind The Scenes Revealed! July 23, 2010

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Everybody knows about G.NA – CUBE’s new solo artist. She’s also the same girl from 2PM’s 10 out of 10 music video and the mysterious girl at the end of BEAST’s Shock music video. But what makes G.NA even more popular besides the fact that she has the most amazing voice ever?

Doojoon’s and Junhyung’s appearance in her music video.

cr – gnaofficial

If you haven’t seen the music video, I was disappointed in the storyline. Or the lack of, more correctly, LOL. But that video isn’t the music video – it’s the behind the scenes! And oh my word, Doojoon is absolutely sexy in a v-neck. And that is one loooow v-neck while we’re at it. XD G.NA and Doojoon are quite awkward with each other. Excuse me while I unleash my inner raging fangirl, LOL. I so, so, so, so wish I could be G.NA – especially in that scene where they cuddle on that bed ;__; Or when they’re dancing around like that… okay, must calm self. This video makes me want to switch back to Yoseob bias, HAHAHAH.

And how come Junhyung makes everything he does look so hot!?

100722 Doojoon Twitter Update. July 22, 2010

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Here is Photo.

단비촬영마무리하고 용준형과 한방!!!!!!!!!!!무사히잘다녀왔습니다 너무 재밌었어요!!^^

Finished shooting for danbi and in the same room with Yong Jun Hyung. Came back safely and had so much fun.

Cr: Doojoon’s twitpic, twitter

Translation cr: x3jaye@Beastism


Idol Maid finally airs! July 22, 2010

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B2UTYs from around the world all know that BEAST will be starring in a new reality program – Idol Maid! It’s about a show where two famous female idols will follow around an idol group, tending to their needs that the manager doesn’t cover; in BEAST’s case, cleaning their dorm.

Never have I seen a house so darn dirty!

Idol maids Shin Bong Sun and Jeong Ga Eun enter BEAST’s dorm in the first episode, only to be welcomed by the piles of trash everywhere! Dirty clothes, dirty dishes, coffee stains – just what exactly do these boys do when they’re at home!? I personally feel bad for these maids… they sure have a lot of work to do.

If my mother saw this, she might bust a cap just even thinking about how long it would take to clean a place like that, ooooowheeee!

But boys will be boys… I guess. :D


my apologies – welcome back to beastism! July 22, 2010

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MY APOLOGIES. I AM SO SO SO SORRY. For what? For the lack of activity on this page. I’ve been sooo busy with work and summer that I totally pushed this out of my mind. BUT NO WORRIES. I AM BACK AND BIGGER THAN EVER.

Just like how BEAST will be when they come back in August.

I’m still hiring staff to help me out to prevent lack of activity. I’m looking for graphic designers, translators, and news posters. Especially news posters. So please apply and join the family~

SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT US. I’ll upload more goodies for everyone~ ^^ Let’s kick this up a notch in time for BEAST’s comeback!

BEAST boys flaunt their faces without makeup June 30, 2010

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The six boys of BEAST are at it again!

On 26th, Inkigayo unveiled a batch of BTS photos from their filming of the Green Sports Song for the show, revealing raw faces without any makeup. The guys have actually been exposed with bare faces quite often before, but it never hurts to see new ones!

The photos were taken in the members’ dorm during the filming session in mid-May. BEAST is currently in middle of their Asia-wide tour, and will be visiting Japan in July for a dance event.

Cr: allkpop